Islam's growth rate in Denmark

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Islam in Denmark in considered the biggest religious minority in the country. Statistics show that almost 3.7% of the Danish population is Muslim.

MWFpress- Islam in Denmark in considered the biggest religious minority in the country. Statistics show that almost 3.7% of the Danish population is Muslim.

Many of the Muslims living in Denmark are from the first and second generation of the Muslim immigrants that travelled to the area from Islamic countries.

The immigration of Muslims to Denmark took place in three stages. In 1960s and 1980s foreigner labors went to Denmark among which most of them were from Turkey and Pakistan. Many of these immigrants were single men who had went there to work in the country for a few years and send money to their families or return home with a small amount of money.

In 1973, Denmark government confirmed a law against free immigrant. Based on this law, only refugees were able to receive permanent residence of the country. However, the workers who were working in Denmark had the chance to join their families, so many of them decided to stay in Denmark and take their families there. It was the beginning of the second generation of immigrants.

The second stage included the refugees. In the first act, the Danish government accepted 500 refugees. In 1980s most of the refugees were from Iraq, Iran and Palestine. In 1990, the most refugees were from Muslims of Somalia and Bosnia. In 1970, the first Muslim school was established in Denmark, before other Islamic institutes were launched in the country.

Despite the fast growth of Islam in Denmark, the Danish can't accept this religion and the Danish Jews see their religion in danger as Islam grows in the country. Considering the huge negative propaganda against Islam in Denmark, many people, especially the Jews have decided not to send their children to government schools.

Israel has a big role in changing the minds of Danish citizens against Islam and introduces Islam as a dangerous religion. The Israeli government has warned the Danish citizens not to appear in public places with Jewish uniform because Muslims kill Jews wherever they see them.

However, despite the negative propaganda to show an ugly and violence face of Islam, the growth of this religion is growing as fast as any other European country and the Muslims have managed to gain their rights in the Danish society. Even Muslims could enter the parliament and government which shows the deep power of Islam in the western countries.

Based on the Danish law, the government doesn't register religions officially; so having exact statistics of Muslims in the country is not possible. But there are many American and foreigner institutes have announced statistics as it was mentioned at the beginning of the article. It is said that around 2000 to 5000 Danish citizens are among the Muslims in Denmark.

In Denmark, people are free to pray and wear their religious clothed no matter what their religion is. Hijab is allowed for Muslim women. Some 22 forums and Islamic institutes are registered in Denmark.

The growth of Islam in the western countries is so fast that even the most powerful analyzers and anti-Islamic thinkers aren't able to analyze or stop it. Making cartoons or films and animations against Islam or publishing sacrilegious articles in the papers, never could stop Islam flowing in the hearts of the people of the world.

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