Friday 26 February 2016 - 00:39
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Saudi mercenaries insult Yemen flag + pictures
Saudi mercenaries insult Yemen flag + pictures
Video of a disrespect to the national flag of Yemen have sparked a wave of public outrage among social media activists.
MWFpress- footage of a disrespect to Yemen flag is going viral in social media. The video, which is allegedly recorded in Aden, shows Al-Saud mercenaries walking over Yemen national flag with their cars.
According to Yemen media, Social media activists condemned Saudi Arabia of an intentional insult to Yemen people, after Al-Saud mercenaries published the footage of passing over Yemen flag with their car.

The outraged reaction is evident in most comments written under the footage. One read “Mansour Hadi, the abdicated president, speaks of raising the banner of unity among the people of Yemen while his supporters are insulting his country’s flag.”
The publication of these footages provoked a new wave of anti-Saudi and anti-Hadi sentiments in Yemen.
Following Saudi Arabia’s attacks in Yemen, the presence of extremist groups are becoming more prominent. One recent instance is the picture of Al-Quadah leader “Khalid batrafy” standing on country’s flag after conquering Al-Mukalla presidential palace.