Monday 22 February 2016 - 23:44
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Anti-Saudi hashtag ranks 2nd on Twitter
Anti-Saudi hashtag ranks 2nd on Twitter
The hashtag “The forgotten war in Yemen”, which has dealt with issues of war and Saudi’s crimes in the country, has ranked second among top popular hashtags in Twitter.
MWFpress- According to Almostakbal net’s report, the Anti-Saudi hashtag, which was widely welcomed by social networks users, took the second place in the world.

The reason of this campaign's reputation is the presence of international organizations and persons like “Kenneth Roth”, the executive director of Human Rights Watch and “Jim Maxwell”, British Human Rights activist.

Kenneth Roth wrote on his page that Saudi Arabia along with its allies and American supporters have violated all the international laws, using cluster missiles in Yemen war.

"It’s painful to think that the British government sends missiles to Saudi Arabia in order to kill our Yemeni friends", British activist Jim Maxwell wrote.

A large number of anti-war activists are reportedly participating in the campaign, unanimously saying that they are neither Yemenis, nor living in Yemen, but it’s their humanitarian duty to defend the country.