Friday 26 February 2016 - 00:43
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“Visit My Mosque day” is bringing Nun-Muslim British people to mosques
“Visit My Mosque day” is bringing Nun-Muslim British people to mosques
More than 80 mosques across Britain recently have opened their doors for a day to non-Muslims. The campaign “visit my mosque” is part of a movement to answered visitors' questions about the Muslim faith.
MWFpress- Dozens of mosques around the country are to open their doors to non-Muslims this weekend in an effort to counter negative perceptions of Islam and educate people about the religion.
Eram News reported that, More than 80 mosques are taking part in the second Visit My Mosque day, organized by the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB). A similar event last year, involving 20 mosques, attracted hundreds of visitors for tours, talks and tea.
The open day was intended to “provide a platform for Muslims to reach out to fellow Britons and explain their faith and community beyond the hostile headlines”, the MCB said.
Council officials told the press that there will be meetings among diverse religious scholars with the aim of solidarity between religions.
Many of the participating mosques are in cities with large Muslim populations, including London, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, Glasgow and Cardiff, while mosques in Belfast, Plymouth and Canterbury are also involved.