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The reason behind recent terrorist attacks in Europe
Interview with Micheal MacGrianna
The reason behind recent terrorist attacks in Europe
I would say that the owner class in western society and also the far right political movement are behind this fabricating process.
MWFpress - we are having the honor of talking to Micheal MacGrianna from Ireland and we are going to talk about recent terrorist attacks which happened in different European countries.

1- Mr. MacGrianna would you please introduce yourself please for our listeners?
- Yes. I am Micheal MacGrianna from Ireland and basically I am an Irish republican and I would like to share my views with you and those who are watching.

2- Thank you. Recently we have seen the issue of many terrorist attacks in different forms in European countries. Who do you think are the perpetrators of such acts?
- Well, I think it has a lot to do with global terror network which is sponsored by Saudi Arabia, USA, Britain, France and Israel. The leaked documents have proved that they are all united and basically that is the main reason behind all this war and proxies in the Middle east and they are the main cause for all the recent terrorist attacks in European countries.

3- What is the relation between these terrorist attacks and the extremist groups like Al-Qaeda, ISIS or any other known terrorist group in the world?
- I think they are directly linked and basically, ISIS and AL Qaeda are using the same methods and these Methods were used since the Operations Desert Storm and even since the USA intervention in Afghanistan in 1979 right after Iranian revolution. And the leaders of AL Qaeda and ISIS were basically associated with each other since then which among them we can name Bin Laden and Abu-Bakr Al-Baghdadi who were mere thugs. And all this situation in Middle East and Syria and Iraq is due to the existence of Saudi Arabia. Gulf countries and support of Netanyahu are the main destabilizer in west Asia.

4- After these Terrorist attacks, we have seen a huge movement in western Media trying to put the blame on Muslims for all such incidents. Who do you think is guiding this movement and what can we do to stop it?
- I would say that the owner class in western society and also the far right political movement are behind this fabricating process. They are doing this deliberately. Because if people are angry they would start wars or they would join militants to do to Syria and that would require weapons and these weapons can only be provided by that owner class. The far right in USA is also cooperating with Saudi and Gulf countries too in all the situation. But in order to stop we should follow as Sayed Ali Khamenei mentions in his words as the leader of Iran. He provides support for all different minorities in Iran like Christians and Jews or as Hezbollah has done in Lebanon as it supports and protects all minorities there. This is something that Wahhabis won’t like. As the polls shows only 3.7 percent of Muslims are considered as Wahhabis and in some other poll at the maximum level shows that only 15 percent of Muslims are identified as Wahhabis.

5- These low population of Muslims called Wahhabis are changing the image of Muslims in the world. What is your suggested solution for bringing back the security in Europe and also changing this wrong image?
- About the security, I should say that there should be cooperation between those European countries and Tehran and Damascus and Baghdad to solve the issue of ISIS and terrorist groups in the Middle East.
Still there are nearly 290 thousand Wahhabis are fighting Syria and there are many little and big factions fighting there under the flag of ISIS and I think they should bring back the stability in Libya because there has become the playground of Wahhabis.
I think there should be an emphasis that Islam does not believe in Israeli Charge or kind of interest and it should be explained that Saudi Arabia and Gulf countries are doing the aggression and oppression just like the way they do toward Yemeni people and I think people should do their own research about all different forms of Muslim groups and they should realize that Wahhabis are not basically considered as real Muslims.
I think it was Prophet Muhammad who said that there is no Supremacy over one who is dark skin or one who is bright skin, only for their own action but if we judge Wahhabis on that we see that Al-Qaida and ISIS and Islamic front of Libya we will see that they were responsible for the genocide of black people in Libya post Gadhafi. So they are clearly racist along with being sectarian.

Ok thank you so very much for your time and I’m hoping to see you in next interviews of the series of THE FACT.