Tuesday 9 February 2016 - 13:43
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Belgians ask Putin to reconsider welcoming Bahraini king
Belgians ask Putin to reconsider welcoming Bahraini king
The Belgian organization “Freedom of Human Rights” has sent a letter to the Russian president Vladimir Putin asking him to reconsider welcoming the Bahrain King mentioning Russia's policies in fighting terrorism.
MWFpress- A Belgian NGO sent a letter to Vladimir Putin, to reconsider his decision on welcoming Bahrain king in Moscow.

The organization officials emphasised on Hamad isa Al Khalifa's visit to Moscow to be gainst Russia's policies.

The letter goes on with enumerating Al-Khalifa's crimes against the people of Bahrain since the beginning of 2011 revolution, accusing the King of repression, creating disturbance in the region and supporting terrorism.

In this letter, the officials condemned the martyrdom of innocent civilians, detention of political and human rights activists, labours layoffs, renunciation of citizenships of the opposition, and deployment of Saudi, Jordanian and Moroccan mercenaries in Bahrain.