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Saudis and Islamic Nations; the Dagger in the Back
Mirmahna Askari
Saudis and Islamic Nations; the Dagger in the Back
After the Wahhabi rooted 9/11 against the U.S., other Islamic nations have taken serious steps against devious terror culture released by the darkest ornamented alive tribe: Al-Saud.
MWFpress - Mirmahna Askari

Oil autocrats of Arab lands have long been under reprimand from other nations to remake their destructive personality in seeding and dispensation of Salafi gangsters.
Accordingly a Saudi-led wing in Arab world has been agglutinated to revise their hideous past, ordaining another reaction in the ideal of world society.

Unfortunately this was a daydream, a league of windfall and frail culture provoked another incoherent seditions: Bahrain, Yemen.

After the Wahhabi rooted 9/11 against the U.S., other Islamic nations have taken serious steps against devious terror culture released by the darkest ornamented alive tribe: Al-Saud.

Even when the western countries connived, owing to the fact that they need Wahhabi's cheap oil, clear-headed Islamic countries and rational wing leaders like Malaysia, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Oman, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Tunisia, Algeria and ... made the conscientious decision. they project a soft plan to dissociate Saudi branch and its affiliates ,and also didn’t drop the encounter with Salafi's proteges in their regions, which include Bokoharam (Africa), Al-shabab (Africa), al-nusra (Syria), Turkistan salafi party (central Asia), JI and Abu Sayyaf (Indonesia and Malaysia) and al-Qaeda groups in Oman, Algeria, Tunisia, and other salafi gangs.

Regrettably, a questionable move by a super power ruined some positive efforts. In fact, the full support of Saudi regime by US led to an International contradiction. It was a reverse face of political evolution, the aftermath of this weird and dangerous behavior led to an intensive wrong discernment of other politicians: iniquitous opportunism.

Religious Symbols was seen along these US supports by the Saudi administration and its intermediaries as a strategy to achieve power so as to spread their medieval lifestyles. In past years, some Wahhabi-supported riots were arranged in some regions like Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Egypt and North Africa. Many of them fizzled out, and the rational religious thinkers alongside wise student groups entered the main centers of these riots with a specific goal to tackle a reversal to the Bedouin periods.

Al-Nusra in Syria is another Phenomenon, The martial Saudi-backed organization in the west of Asia has been preparing aggressors and fear squads. It has been a negative force for stabilization of calmness in the locale where it started various clashes against peace maker groups, notwithstanding its partisan war in Lebanon borders.

Then again, the sectarian Salafi groups in Iraq has been specifically fortified by the Wahhabi Muftis. It transparently upheld partisan hired bunches and in the end prompted the separatists where in some towns the Iraqi national forces could not block the ascent of Daesh.
The Saudi intrusion in Yemen is as well a crisis-making section in the land of inoffensive people. Putting the inhuman squeeze on Yemenis by the unlawful foreign attacks alongside Al-Qaeda militia led to explosive condition in the southern zone of the region and would have been an impending whip to global peace. This is an unmasked face of some tyrants against lonely persons and a foresight of the contingency plan in other parts of the world.

In these years it is possible to see obviously Saudi's desire of spoliation. Its invasion of the oil resources of Yemenis in past years, territorial problems with Iraq, Oman and UAE, threatening Qatar and Kuwait to occupy, dispatching troops to Bahrain and eventually cheating Egyptian authorities for annexation of Tiran and Sanafir.

The terrorist incidents in Tunisia, Pakistan and Lebanon illustrated that the inherent program behind the Wahhabi actions were to implement the ambition of the Riyadh's Arabs. Islamic symbols and cooperation with European countries were only a means to buy times and silence.
But now and fortunately, the Saudi's plan of sending the salafi imams is dammed by the other Sunni Sects (Maleki, Shafei, Hanafi) and God-fearing perceptive religious Leaders in observant Islamic countries like Algeria, Indonesia, Malaysia, Lebanon, Oman, Iraq,….