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ISIS executes own members through kitchen gas inhalation
13 Aug 2016 - 14:24

ISIS executes own members through kitchen gas inhalation

"The ISIS tied up hands and feet of its militants, put them inside a closed-door car with all the windows rolled up and opened gas hose sent into the car until they died," the Arabic-language media outlets quoted an unnamed source in Mosul as saying

Bombings and beheadings in Syria are part of US Imperialism
31 Jul 2016 - 15:07

Bombings and beheadings in Syria are part of US Imperialism's regime change agenda and historic support of terrorism

The US war on Syria has intensified in recent weeks. A video has gone viral in the media of a US-backed "rebel" beheading a Palestinian child in Syria. Eleven more children were sent to an early grave from US airstrikes in the same week of the beheading. Overall, 73 Syrians were killed from ...

Who is the true supporter of the Kurds?
11 Mar 2016 - 04:29

Who is the true supporter of the Kurds?

)- The Islamic Republic of Iran’s support for Kurds traces its roots in historical and ethnic unity of the Kurdish race as an inseparable part of Iranian identity and that this support is not at all temporary and based on political expediency.

12 Jan 2016 - 01:32

Assad Advisor: Syria’s decision always independent; Iran, Russia, Syria real allies

The coalition of Iran, Russia and Syria against terrorism, establishes a real alliance, says an advisor to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

22 Dec 2015 - 01:30

Resisting tyranny - The message behind Ayat. Khamenei’s letter to the West

Political analyst Shakdam believes that Ayatollah Khamenei’s second letter to youth of Western countries is a “call made to soften the darkness,” reminding that standing against injustice is not a choice, but a duty.

29 Oct 2015 - 00:38

‘I use poetry to spread justice, inspire people’

American poet, activist and artist believes any people with any talent should work to spread justice and equality in the world.

30 Aug 2015 - 00:35

Imam Khomeini's (pbuh) remarks on Muslim Society

The blessing day for us is the day in which the dominance of the world plunderers on our oppressed nation and other oppressed nations is broken and they get the full control of their destiny in their hands and the governments wake up.

4 Jul 2015 - 23:51

What is Christian Zionism?

It is common knowledge that many so-called Christians throw unconditional, unyielding support behind the Jewish state. Known as Christian Zionists, or more recently “Israel-firsters”—indicating their degree of loyalty over and above the interests of their own country—it is estimated they are over 50 ...

20 Apr 2015 - 01:45

ISIS plans recruitment center in Hong Kong

The last time I checked, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), or Islamic State, as it prefers to be known, is made up of a bunch of psychopaths who regularly taunt, torture and execute their prisoners with disturbing zeal.

27 Feb 2015 - 23:37

'Ex-Israeli agents' threatened cyber attack on S Africa

A group claiming to be former agents of Israel's Mossad threatened to unleash a devastating cyber attack on South Africa unless its government cracked down on the growing campaign to boycott Israel, according to intelligence documents leaked to Al Jazeera's Investigative Unit.

8 Feb 2015 - 11:44

Netanyahu wants Americans to die for Zionists

Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu’s acceptance of an invitation to speak to the US Congress on 3 March, two weeks before the Israeli election and without any consultation with the White House, is aimed at advancing both Netanyahu’s re-election and the proposed new set of sanctions against Iran ...

25 Jan 2015 - 01:03

The Message of Iran Supreme Leader 'Ayatollah Khamenei' to the Youth in Europe and North America

Message of ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei, Leader of The Islamic Republic of Iran to the Youth in Europe and North America

Let The Young Hear and Know
24 Jan 2015 - 15:52

Let The Young Hear and Know

Let the young people start build their personality and understanding and listen to their inner call as a starting point. Let them think for themselves, not only regarding Islam but regarding all matters and come up with their own conclusion built on their own experience and knowledge.

8 Jan 2015 - 00:00

Cuba Has a Strong Case That the US Is a Violator of Human Rights

Following the joint announcement by the offices of the leaders of Cuba and the United States of the intention to re-establish diplomatic relations and in the meantime ease joint restrictions on travel, cultural exchanges, certain types of commercial relationships, and etc., while jointly releasing/exchanging ...

29 Dec 2014 - 00:20

Egypt to demolish 1,200 home for buffer zone near Gaza border

Egypt plans to destroy 1,200 homes to extend the depth of its security buffer zone on its border with the Israeli-blockaded Gaza Strip.

20 Dec 2014 - 08:06

Rereading Speech: Imam Khomeini Advised Media to Reflect Facts

He said that the mass media should give deep and insightful analysis of the occurring and avoid any type of distortion.

10 Dec 2014 - 23:29

‘Britain given Bahrain base as reward for hush on crackdown’

A prominent Bahraini human rights activist says the UK received the airbase north of Bahrain as a reward for London’s silence on the Manama regime’s crackdown on pro-democracy protests in the Persian Gulf country.

25 Nov 2014 - 13:08

Is Netanyahu the driving force behind synagogue attack?

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is vowing revenge over the deadly attack in an Israeli synagogue Tuesday that left four rabbis and one Israeli police officer dead.

13 Nov 2014 - 01:03

Former Archbishop Supports Teachers’ Niqab

The former Archbishop of Canterbury has voiced support to Muslim primary school teachers’ right to don full-face veil or niqab, saying that “panic” about the religious outfit is “largely misplaced”.

1 Nov 2014 - 00:46

Pakistan Must Act to Stop the Genocidal Campaign Against Shia Muslims

More than three dozen Shia Muslims have been killed by terrorists in Pakistan this month, pushing the number of victims over three hundred so far in 2014.

Hajj in 2016 and aftermath of catastrophic hajj in 2015

the leader of Iran took a very important initiative writing a letter and denouncing the character of ...