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Tuesday 2 June 2020 - 11:28
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Interview with Dr. E. Michael Jones about Israel
The Fact Season 3 / Episode 16
Interview with Dr. E. Michael Jones about Israel's Inhumane Actions
In the sixteenth episode of the third season of The Fact, we have interviewed Dr. E. Michael Jones Editor of Culture Wars Magazine about Israel's Inhumane Actions.
MWFpress - In the sixteenth episode of the third season of The Fact, we have interviewed Dr. E. Michael Jones Editor of Culture Wars Magazine about Israel's Inhumane Actions.

* Dr. E. Michael Jones
Editor of Culture Wars Magazine

View full conference video on YouTube.

1. What do you think about Israel's human rights violations?
At this point Israel is trying to maximize its advantage by annexing the West Bank that that seems to be what they have in mind. Israel is still under that threat and the only question right now is the annexation of the West Bank going to trigger some type of reaction on the part of let's say Hezbollah.

2. What do you think about the deal of the century as strategic mistake of the US and Israel?
The Jews always overplay their hand. If you look at history, they always push it too far. Bolshevism was a Jewish political movement in Russia. It had a terrible reaction for the Jews. There’s no reason why they shouldn't be in the same situation right now with Israel. They’re in a very delicate and dangerous situation.

3. What are the goals of the Zionist regime's evil actions against Palestinian people?
The goal is total world domination by Jews and they have this fantasy that they are God's chosen people and that they have this destiny to rule the world and now that they have Israel back, they think that they are close to fulfilling that plan.

4. Some blames Palestinians for their own persecution by Israel and believes that Palestinians must abandon any form of resistance. What do you think about this?
Benjamin Netanyahu uses fear. The Jewish people are very vulnerable to fear. They live in fear. Their leadership knows this and there are organizations that do nothing but spread fear among the Jewish people. The anti-defamation league is a good example of this. It will be a sign that the Palestinians are not going to give up. There will be a sign that the world will continues to support them in their efforts and they're not forgotten.

5. Do you think the outbreak of coronavirus has had any negative influence on the Palestinian's resistance?
There’s no question that the Israelis will try to use it as some type of excuse to suppress demonstrations and suppress dissent. That’s exactly what happened in France. The oligarchs have used the pandemic as a way of suppressing the yellow vests demonstrations. I think the same thing is happening in China with Hong Kong.

6. How close do you see the decline of Zionist regime?
If it doesn't bend, it breaks. I think that's the paradigm here. The Israelis always seem to get in a situation where they their resistance leads to breaking rather than bending. I think if you have a sense of what the big plan is you will remain hopeful and realize that these oppressive regimes don't last forever.

It’s worthy to mention that this video conference is held regularly with several international subjects inviting various activists and analysts from different countries. (see the archive of The Fact web conferences)