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Analysing US sanctions on Iran
Analysing US sanctions on Iran
The 7th episode of the second season of The Fact focused on the US sanctions against Iran and its results in the presence of experts from Germany and the UK.
MWFpress - The 7th episode of the second season of The Fact focused on the US sanctions against Iran and its results in the presence of experts from Germany and the UK.

The guests:

Michael Opperskalski
Political Analyst and Author

Patrick Henningsen
Political Analyst and Commentator

Questions asked at the conference:
1- what was the initial intention behind the boycott against Israel and its products?
2- do you think this movement has declined or it got stronger?
3- how much do you think cultural and scientific boycott can be effective aside from economic boycott?
4- what s your analysis about the results of this movement?
5- what has Israel done for confronting this movement?
6- what's your suggestion for improving the activities regarding the boycott?
7- what and how will be the future of Israel?

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Following is a summary of the questions and answers which are raised in this webinar.

Michael Opperskalski
Political Analyst and Author

Does this whole sanction thing could actually make Iran isolated in the region or not?
I do not think that Iran is isolated because of this economic warfare. This policy is getting to strengthen Iran in the long term run if decisions are taken by the Iranian politicians to join those forces internationally like China and Russia who are already building up an alternative system to the economic structures dominated by the West and especially by United States.

Do you think the decline of Iranian currency is due to domestic issues or sanctions?
Domestic aspects which are linked to not full concentrating on alternative mechanisms which of course needs time. They need education. so we have the combination of the two factors as I see it

How do you think the future will be between Iran and USA?
I think what is going to happen now is that more and more sneaky economic warfare is going to come so it would be necessary to stick on very much the proposals developed by the Chinese government and the Belt Road project and in a joint measure in a joint operation together with the Iraqi brothers with the Libyan with the Lebanese progress and the Syrian brothers. I do not see any really serious possibility of improving relations with the United States regime but what we would be very important is to develop the relationship with the popular organizations in North America.

Patrick Henningsen
Political Analyst and Commentator

What are the consequences of Trump’s withdrawal from JCPOA and US sanctions for the economy of Iran?
Iran is not going to be able to reach its full potential so you won't have a growth situation economically in Iran; maybe you'll have a situation where they're holding on and surviving rather than being able to grow and prosper. The thinking in the Washington is if they apply enough economic pressure on Iran in this way somehow the people will get angry and rise up and overthrow the regime. I mean this is the sort of standard methodology applied by the US and they'll apply the same methodology towards Venezuela and Cuba.

Does the world public opinion consider sanctions on Iran as something fair?
The demonization campaign of Iran and Iranians and the Iranian government is much more intense and ramped up in a daily campaign in the United States so that's to condition the American public not to feel any sympathy for Iran or Iranians.

Does Iran have to or will decrease its oil or not and do you think in future it will decrease to zero or not?
Problems facing Iran with regards to fulfilling the potential of its oil and gas industry is probably 20 to 30 years behind in terms of reinvestment in the infrastructure not just in the kind of oil production side but also in the oil refinery business. These modernization projects when there is a deficit in the balance of payments, when the local currency is also suffering from hyperinflation because of a liquidity crisis all of these things put pressure on the government.

Do you have any special suggestion or solution to such crisis in Iran concerning sanctions?
I don't think that there is a direct solution in the short term as long as dollar is the dominated international reserve currency system. Iran is not going to be able to bypass an embargo fully; and so the solution is just to continue working hard to develop good relations and somehow trade relations with China. Iran is a key part of China's belt Road initiative. Iran is the bridge between Central Asia in Europe so it could take full advantage of this. I don't have an easy solution other than to try to work hard to wait until alternative financial infrastructures are constructed then you'll see a real multipolar world emerging.
It’s worthy to mention that this video conference is held regularly with several international subjects inviting various activists and analysts from different countries.
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