Interview with Prof. Alexander Azadgan about the Current Critical Status in the US

Video Clip: Great public reception of Trump I suggest you to watch these beautiful pictures

Poster: UK resumes arms sales to Saudi Arabia

Poll: China's deception has spread the coronavirus around the world Are you agreed with Trump's idea?

Poster: The US has stored large quantities of effective medicines to treat Coronavirus disease

Poster: Bolton's tale about Trump's opposition to the destruction of Daesh Why are we killing Daesh in favor of Russia, Iran and Iraq?

Poster: Isolation of the US in the Security Council

Poster: The US has officially withdrawn from the WHO

Poster: Iran to the White House: The military option is a moldy option

Poster: Trump's $10 billion embezzlement from Coronavirus's budget!

Poster: Discovering coronavirus in Spain, nine months before the outbreak in China!

Poster: Biden's second gaffe during speech I'm Joe Biden's husband.

Poster: John Bolton: The assassination of General Soleimani and Withdrawal from JCPOA were happy moments for me

Poster: The assassination of Hisham al-Hashimi for resisting Daesh

Poster: Trump, a president who thinks the world is his toy

Poll: What do you think will be Israel's fate?

Poster: New wave of ethnic cleansing in Myanmar Thousands of Rohingya Muslims displaced

Poster: Saudi’s definition of peace Saudi Arabia: We are trying to make peace in the world and region alongside the US!

Poster: Iran: The US is preventing victims of chemical attacks from accessing medication

Poster: Continuation of financial and logistical support of Daesh in Iraq

Tuesday 11 June 2019 - 16:46
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Video Clip: Deal of the Century
Video Clip: Deal of the Century
Deal of the Century
MWFpress - Deal of the Century