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"The Fact" conference reviews US act against IRGC
The Fact, Se2 Ep3
"The Fact" conference reviews US act against IRGC
In the third part of the second season of "The Fact" conference with the presence of activists from France and Lebanon, the causes, consequences of the US action in announcing the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps as a terrorist organization has been discusses.
MWFpress - The third episode of the second season of the "The Fact" conference, was held to review the US action in the announcement of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps as a terrorist organization.


In this webinar, Greed Coleman, a French political writer and analyst, and Ali Mousavi, a Press TV correspondent in Lebanon, expressed their views about USA act's against the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps.

Following is a summary of the questions and answers which are raised in this webinar.

1- Why do you think trump decided to put IRGC on terrorist list in such a situation?
Gearoid Colemain: It was an inevitable move from US government because Iran was the last real enemy of Zionist entity. Iran was an obstacle for Israeli ambitions, so trump regime is just doing what Israel wants. They would also like to blame terrorist attacks in Europe on Iran.

2- Is inclusion of IRGC on Terrorist list against any international law?
Ali Musawi: Such a move has not done before and this is the first from its kind so there is nothing in international law that would prevent it however it is against any international norm and majority of countries in the UN are against this decision. Pompeo is just trying to make IRGC look like Daesh.

3- Why does US exclude a terrorist cult like MKO which has killed nearly 17000 people in Iran from terrorist list while supporting Israel against Palestinians or Saudi Arabia against Yemen and at a same time it includes IRGC and hizbulla on the Terrorist list?
Gearoid Colemain: The double standard is very simple; Anybody who is an opponent of Israeli interest is a terrorist. The double standards are the norm of international policy of the western sides. Mujahedin-e-Khalgh or MKO are actually located and active in Albania and they are supported by military American groups which are funded by USA so there is no real war on terrorism. It’s just a tool to designate an enemy. People in the west are so much affected by the propaganda of main stream media that they cannot believe that their country is actually behind creation of terrorism.

4- Why do you think so many countries are against this decision of trump?
Ali Musawi: USA has designated an official defense force of a country as a terrorist group and this issue would scare other countries even if they are considered as allies of US. Today Iran’s army might be put on the list but tomorrow maybe another country gets included in that list by US, so if you see other countries speak out against this decision it’s simply because this move is against any international norm that exists among countries. When international community rejects this decision it simply shows that USA does not understand what international law is.

5- What will be the result, outcomes and effects of such a decision on Iran and the region?
Gearoid Colemain: Iran is under the pressure of sanctions already. There is definitely an attempt to delegitimize and demonize Iran. USA is just doing a complex plan which it calls it “peace plan” which is even problematic within US, so Trump is actually trying to show himself as a peace maker and likes to say that I sorted things out in Middle-East, North Korea or Venezuela while we have seen the opposite concerning Iran or Venezuela.

6- How do you see the role of IRGC in the region especially in Iraq and Syria? was it positive or negative?
Ali Musawi: IRGC has not only opposed American allies in the region but also empowered resistance groups in the region and now these groups have grown to powerful effective groups in their societies too. If we look at the case of Syria and we see that the creation of Daesh with the support of US and Gulf countries made a very significant violence in the region and it was IRGC and Iran that supported legitimate government of Syria and helped them fight the terrorists and now life is stable in Syria thanks to Support of IRGC, so yeah the existence of IRGC had a huge positive impact in the region.

7- How do you see the future of IRGC in its influence in the region and the world?
Gearoid Colemain: I think the Irony of such decisions against Iran is that it will be empowering Iran and will delegitimize United States. The point is that US wants to prepare for a war with Iran although there is no way US can win such a war against Iran but that is something that USA is planning for anyway

It’s worthy to mention that this video conference is held regularly with several international subjects inviting various activists and analysts from different countries.
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