Friday 26 February 2016 - 00:24
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Over 500 London subway stations to put up boycot Israel posters +pictures
Over 500 London subway stations to put up boycot Israel posters +pictures
Activists from London Palestine Action put up posters criticizing Israel’s apartheid policies against Palestinians all over London’s underground train network early Sunday morning.
MWFpress- Pro-Palestine British activists put up 150 copies of BDS movement’s posters around at least four different lines on the network.

According to Mixworld news, the campaign was started in early Sunday morning, coinciding with the launch of this year’s Israeli Apartheid Week in the UK.

The posters are “subvertisements,” political messages designed to look like sanctioned advertising. Activists put up the posters called for a complete boycott of Israel along with companies, like G4S, that are supporting the occupiers.

The organizers of the campaign emphasized on their efforts to persuade British citizens of boycotting Israel.

According to activists, the move was a great success because more than 4 million people are watching the posters every day.

Israel’s foreign ministry said on Monday that PM Benjamin Netanyahu had instructed their director-general to “demand” the posters’ “immediate removal” during a visit to London for talks with the UK foreign office.