About us
Mission statement
MWFpress website has started its work to know, introduce and serve activist people and groups that somehow play a role in empowering and expanding the legitimate stream against the oppressors around the world.
This website, benefits from expert, innovative and motivated people to make a global front against oppressors and mustakberin.

Who are Mustadafin (The Oppressed)?
  • Those under colonization, exploitation and political and economic sovereignty of the arrogant powers.
  • Those under the invasion of cultural in ideological elements of oppressor regime and their own cultural elements are endangered.
  • Those who are banned from having international tribunes and from reaching the international media, by the western media imperialism.
  • Those who are kept away from political, economic, cultural and social managements.
  • Those who unintentionally are prohibited to reach the divine beams and have Palladian poverty.
  • Those who live under the ruling of dictator regimes and suffer from natural human rights.
  • Those who are impressed by ongoing western propaganda and haven't discovered their own and their environment's potential powers.
  • Those who are woken up to recover their own and other people's culture, thought, independence, freedom, dignity, human rights, and identity; have started to fight and are repressed by imperialism powers.
Interview with Robert Bridge about the Diminishing the Role of the US in the International Arena

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